1. My Dad died, my dad did.


    Born in 1918, just a few years after the birth of Dr Josef Mengele, my dad has this month, died. Doctor Mengele’s secret legacy has become Monarch Programming, of which more later. My dad’ s legacy, it turns out at his funeral, is the support shown for services rendered over a lifetime. My father, the proof was tangible, had done well. His good lives on. He was not a man of secrets.

    I need to feel I have my fathers’ approval. But it is a tricky thing. 

    Mengele was never going to do well. He was “made up” to be an Ipsimus in some dodgy Thule or Vril sort of brotherhood running the Nazi’s and especially their SS to whom he belonged. They commanded him it is alleged  through their so called Marionnette Programming designed  for especially useful military functionaries . That may be known to others as Imperial Conditioning as was used to control rulers and Potentates. Mengele  later resurrected both control systems for military or civilian leaders as Monarch Programming  for ordinary civilians. It was a union predicted by human nature and it’s two combustible components, fear and greed. My father would say that.

    Because it must be assumed a Master Programmer has himself been programmed, it is possible in theory to argue Mengele actually lacked mens rea when he tortured or killed thus providing uncrackable trauma as part of the trauma based programming. Yes, that is why he did bizarre things…for the trauma. And not only that if things had gone well  he might be able to say, “look, I sinned, but it was to save lives…but now people who were going to do something bad for “us” who we would have killed..or been killed by…they can be made to be in agreement with us”.

    Read my meeting with Mengele in a little while. My father did not trust my sources.

    The trouble is if you were in a world with a monopoly on Mind Control like Monarch Programming, could you be trusted? It is going to leak out to organised crime. Other nations will acquire it, others may have already overlapped us. And we would not know, or might not know, or partial disposable hierarchies might start appearing as in the brutal matter of the pepperbox history of the GRU in Russia or the measured violence of the PPOG in the USA.

    It will the argument go, become a scourge….survival of the fittest, no steady state but a process of continual revolution. And yet in the right hands……?

    If you study mind control you would do well to start with my 2002 research (which got me the attention of Mengele, who was  supposed to have been dead in 1979) It is here:


    If that does not work a version for spooks is here:


    The original is still here: as images but at least this IS original.


    From these sources you can see Monarch Programming is generally not seen at all. but when  sensed is thought appalling. Free Will, Human Rights, the loatsome shiver in the spine of slavery still alive and well, and the sinister nature of the thing, born in the camps. My gambit is to not be too quick to damn a thing if it has me by the throat, and has not yet killed! A programmed programmer has no conscience!

    And yet try to imagine a modern day programmer…in a military uniform that on close inspection shows a bogus unrecorded cap badge, unorthodox vehicle provisioning, facilities at locations around the Uk and the world  guaranteed a very special privacy, and the machinery of Government to let the task consume whatever it needs…under the guise of saving lives, or preventing our own enslavement. I have imagined that. I am still alive. There are rules?

    30 hours after my father’s cremation, under an RAF flag for his own offices in WW2, I was fighting mentally with this vision I have created of Monarch Programming. I was startled to find after a couple of years of pedestrian trifling with my mind since I went  on an offensive against the use of Mengele…..an opportunity was taken to again remotely tickle my essential organs, (Read Will Filer for the truth) just to impress upon me I was being too forthright with this site amongst other activity ( such as writing 3 emails a day to anyone in the media for instance)  I would have hoped my father would have been proud. Principled, realistic, expecting the best of something. Prepared to give and take some pain in order to progress.

    This was familiar treatment, . It had happened in 2002  after 6 weeks of heavy research about this subject…I got to meet Mengele himseld. The so called Master Programmer.

    It happened again after 9 years later seeing his photo and starting my search again to prove, YES, I WAS RIGHT!” Wake Up America! 

    So, within 30 hours of the cremation a mock execution took place unaided by me  in my own bed. I have had my heart felt before of course, once, a message designed to say to the recipient  ”they” are on top and can control sight sound and touch at least.  And one is somehow reminded to relax a little finding fault with a military operation that could on message save millions of lives. But this time I think they went for the outer and inner intercostal muscles, really making me wish it would end. If you do nor believe this is likely..in England, in 2013, then read my 2002 innocent exposition. Since then I can offer a very credible battle-o-rama until today and an even more unbelievable capacity to do harm, or through it, good (?) with these sites:It is all known about already.

    If you read Tim Baber, me, as “beachhutman” on twitter, you may get some detail, bit I try to avoid saying more than you can find on the web. For one thing, I cannot trust myself!




    So there you are, in comparison to these three independent sources , my writing is gentle and designed to not scare anyone without a brain or a heart.

    I have written my story, of how I met Mengele because of what I was about to write  I had left traces of the highly peculiar research  on the internet, in the same way as I tried to counsel my father in his last days. There is no evil, but thinking makes it so, and for my part there is only Evil in this world or any where….where it has been caused by man.

    On my desk I have his Pacemaker. It represents for me the heart I need to steal from tomorrow’s programmers to usurp my own mental capacity they have been chipping away at to admonish them. For they, under the nose of myself and my father, have taken my mental capacity to object so often and with such violence, they may remain beyond my reach. Not because I cannot recover as shown with this website, but because they are putting themselves beyond the pale